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• 10/7/2013

Important: WhipMaster/Dominatrices Upgrades

Hello all,

I have some things to request from you. These things concern the WhipMaster/Dominatrix users.

1. WhipMasters/Dominatrices will be allowed to change policies without community opinion. 

2. WhipMasters/Dominatrices should be limited to only 3 users, 3 WhipMasters and 3 Dominatrices.

3. WhipMasters/Dominatrices will be supervising the Requests for User Rights

I want responses on whether these are alright or not. I will be highlighting this discussion as it is important.


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• 10/4/2013

Brooke, you should know better that these things shouldn't require community opinion since the wiki has been a bit dead recently. 

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