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Evie Serpentes
• 10/25/2013

A Fight of Two Hundred Men - Reaching for a Spotlight

Hi everyone,

Jacksmith Wiki has long sat in the dark. We have been just another simple wiki. It's time that this changes. We are going to reach for the spolight.

What changes will be made during this time period:

  • New pages will be added (all will participate)
  • Policies will be tweaked (handled by myself)
  • Extensive work on things related to new users (handled by ViviannaCoffee and Sophia McLaren-Cobb)
  • MediaWiki pages will receive a tweak (handled by ViviannaCoffee)
  • More info threads will be posted (handled by Brooke Gonzales, myself, Torey Itaya, and Probot Eva when possible)
  • Templates will undergo changes (handled by Brooke Gonzales and myself)

It truly is A Fight of Two Hundred Men. We can get through this together. Are you with me?

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Evie Serpentes
• 10/21/2013

Just no comment. Nicely done. :)

• 10/25/2013

Now we are going to get our game straight, and do the impossible. Let's do this. (Moved to Castle Plumpfeather, because The Expeditionary Library is for info threads only :))

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