An Epic Bow (curled bow)

Bows are the second type of weapon in Jacksmith. A bow is wielded by Archers that are birds (most likely chickens or roosters since they are male). There are three kinds of bows in Jacksmith, all of which require 8 ore to build.

Types of Bows

There are three kinds of bows and they are:

  • Simple Bow
  • Wing Bow
  • Curled Bow

Acquiring Bows

You will have acquire all the bows as you do not start with them automaticly. The place you acquire the bow depends on the what kind of bow it is. Here is the list of places you will find bows:

Upon acquiring all the bows you earn the Bow Master award.

The Simple Bow

Main article: Simple Bow

The Simple Bow is the most basic kind of bow. You will acquire the Simple Bow in the Lowlands. They are intially Ice-boosted, and the player can unlock a Water, Plant, and eventually, a Durability boost. There are only four Epic Simple Bows.

The Wing Bow

Main article: Wing Bow

The Wing Bow is the second kind of bow in Jacksmith. The Wing Bow is acquired in Alpine Ridge. The Wing Bow is intially Stone-boosted, and the player can unlock a Wind, Lightning, and eventually, a Luck boost. There are 5 Epic Wing Bows.