The Dragon Axe in all ores

The final of the axes is the Dragon Axe, which is acquired in the Evershade Forest. The Dragon Axe is more of a fantasy-like design, as their blades somehow resemble the wings of a dragon. Like all axes, the head (where the blades are) has to be constructed.

Elemental Boosts

The Dragon Axe has the following elemental boosts:

  • Lightning (13 Lightning Damage)
  • Shadow (13 Shadow Damage)
  • Water (13 Water Damage)
  • Durability (10 Extra Durability)

Epic Dragon Axes

There are only 5 Epic Dragon Axes in Jacksmith. Those Axes are:

  • The Ice Cleaver
  • The Dragonfire
  • The Whirlwind
  • The Shadowslayer
  • The Leafcutter