Dudley in the Bestiary

There is only one true boss in Jacksmith. That
Dudley book

Dudley reading his spell books

boss is Dudley. Dudley is not only the final and only boss in Jacksmith, but also the antagonist of the story of Jacksmith. He appears in the first day upon entering the Castle Ruins.

Who is Dudley?

Not much is known about Dudley. Here is what is known exactly:

  • He is a wizard.
  • He is a rat.
  • He supposedly was obsessed with Princess Lilliana
  • He lived beyond Alpine Ridge (the Castle Ruins without question)
  • He was lonely
  • He is in possesion of the Phoenix Staff
  • He supposedly did not want to come down and fight, so he had the Dragons do that for him
  • He is probably able to use Mind Control (since the Dragons attacked when his staff was changing color)

Dudley's role as a Character

Dudley is who caused the kidnapping of Princess Lilliana. King Plumpfeather set a reward on his head, motivating Jacksmith to go and rescue the Princess. Jacksmith makes it all the way and defeats Dudley. From then on, it is truly a mystery whether he is dead or alive.


  • In the real world, Dudley has a few meanings:
    • An anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Dara "oak," Dubhdara "black oak," and Dubhaltach "black-haired".
    • English habitational surname transferred to forename use, meaning "Dudda's meadow" with Dudda meaning "cloak" or "mantle". That kind of fits a bit since Dudley is wearing one.
    • A town in the West Midlands of England and other places.
    • A type of Labrador Retriever. Dudleys are variously defined as yellow Labradors which have unpigmented noses, yellow with liver/chocolate pigmentation, or "flesh colored" in addition to having the same color around the rims of the eye, rather than having black or dark brown pigmentation. Learn more about them here.