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Jacksmith Wiki is a central hub for all Jacksmith learners and masters. The goal of this wiki is to have the best source of knowledge on Jacksmith anywhere! Check the about us page for more information about the wiki. The Castle Plumpfeather Board usually has ongoing discussions about various subjects. The Newsletter is a great place to find the latest updates. Check the Admin Duty Roster if you need the answer to a question not mentioned in the tutorial.

The Jacksmith Wiki is currently undergoing reconstruction, so you may see many edits and certain blank parts of pages.

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  • Cluckshire Archers fighting in the Lowlands
  • Warriors fighting in Cinder Springs
  • Dudley reading his spell books
  • The Armorpiercer, the first Epic Weapon Design
  • The Longsword, the first sword, in all ores
  • The Simple Bow, the first bow, in all ores
  • The Double Axe, the first axe, in all ores
  • The Pointed Shield, the first shield, in all ores
  • The Spetum, the first pike, in all ores
  • The Pegged Mace, the first mace, in all ores
  • Warriors fighting in Alpine Ridge
  • Beware the Petrahorn

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  • that the game Jacksmith actually received two awards, one for the best strategy game, and one for best game art
  • that the Stoutspear shares two of its parts with other Epic Weapons
  • that the Pegged Mace has the highest Luck boost than any other weapon
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