An Epic Pike (Spetum)

Pikes are the fifth type of weapon in Jacksmith. They are not hard to make but require a lot of parts. Pikes are wielded by cows and each one requires 8 ore to build.

Types of Pikes

There are three kinds of pikes and they are:

  • Spetum
  • Trident
  • Moonblade

Acquiring the Pikes

The Pikes also have to be acquired like all other weapons. The places you acquire the pikes are:

Upon acquiring all the Pikes, the award Pikes Possibilities is earned.

The Spetum

Main article: Spetum

The first kind of Pike is the Spetum. The Spetum is acquired in Cinder Springs. It is intially Stone-boosted, but unlocking its boosts give it a Shadow, Fire, and eventually, a durability boost. Spetums need 6 hammer swings. There are only 4 Epic Spetums.

The Trident

Main article: Trident

The second kind of pike is the Trident. The Trident is acquired in the Boneyard Dunes. It is intially Water-boosted (typical of a real-life trident in Greek Mythology), but unlocking its boosts give it a Plant, Ice, and eventually, an Attack boost. Tridents get 9 hammer swings. There are 5 Epic Tridents.

The Moonblade

Main article: Moonblade

The final kind of Pike is the Moonblade. The Moonbalde is acquired in Wormwood Hollow. It is intially Shadow-boosted, but unlocking its boosts include a Wind, Lightning, and eventually, a Luck boost. Moonblades get 12 hammer swings. There are 5 Epic Moonblades.