Plants? Why would plants be enemies? Because they grew the wrong way, and turned to Dudley's side. They adapted to their various environments and now they are varied. They are:

The Plants

  • Trailsnapper
    If these guys were to pop up in your garden, it's high time you call an exterminator.
  • Tindertulip
    Fire elemental plant. Their names and biology are pretty ironic. They're of the fire type but yet they can be set on fire easily.
  • Marshtrap
    Water elemental plant. These guys thrive in the wetlands by storing up a lot of water in their roots. If drought were to strike, they would rely on the water sacs on their roots to survive. They are also a bane to anyone's foot that got caught in their jaws.
  • Tundravine
    Ice elemental plant. These guys are highly predatory. They would stay motionless and when a prey gets too close, they would lunge their chilly jaws at the poor thing and uses their blood as sustenance. Their slow digestive system is their secret to being able to survive in the harsh climate.
  • Rockjaw
    Stone elemental plant. The Rockjaws have evolved in such a way they don't need as much moisture to survive. They sometimes appear on rocky cliffs too.
  • Whirlweed
    Wind elemental plant. The Whirlweed has a method of maximizing their chances of spreading by scattering their seeds into the wind where it'll fly off to somewhere and start to grow when they land on a favourable spot.
  • Electrifern
    Lightning elemental plant. These guys are strange plants. It is unknown how they have evolved to have electrical properties. All attempt on research have been discontinued due to... shocking accidents...
  • Snapdragon
    Plant ele- They're already plants...  Then, they must have grown stronger and probably pack a harder punch and maybe a little extra, cause they took more of Mother Nature's power.
  • Pitchroot
    Shadow elemental plant. These guys absolutely hate the light and would only grow in the darkest and gloomiest places. A bit of sunlight would burn them up good.