An Epic Shield (Pointed Shield)

Shields are the fourth type of weapon in Jacksmith. Each one requires 16 ore to build. Shields are wielded by sheep (or rams, since they are males). Shields are used as offense rather than defense in Jacksmith, so they do not protect your other soldiers.

Types of Shields

The three kinds of shields are:

  • Pointed Shield
  • Round Shield
  • Box Shield

Acquiring the Shields

The Shields, like all other weapons, have to be acquired as the player travels. They can acquire the shields at the following places:

Upon acquiring all the shields, the award Shield Builder is earned.

The Pointed Shield

Main article: Pointed Shield

The Pointed Shield is the first kind of shield in Jacksmith. It is acquired in Cinder Springs. The Pointed Shield has a simple design, so it should not be hard to craft. The Pointed Shield is intially Fire-boosted, but unlocking its boosts give it a Lightning, Plant, and eventually, an attack boost. There are 4 Epic Pointed Shields.

The Round Shield

Main article: Round Shield

The Round Shield is the second kind of shield in Jacksmith. It is acquired in the Boneyard Dunes. The Round Shield has the simplest design of all the shields and is extremely easy to paint and construct. The Round Shield is intially Wind-boosted, but unlocking its boosts give it a/an Ice, Water, and eventually, a durability boost. There are 5 Epic Round Shields.