The Simple Bow in different ores

The first bow, gained in the Lowlands, is the Simple Bow. The Simple Bow is simple, like its name suggests. A simplistic design for a bow is used with the Simple Bow.

Elemental Boosts

The Simple Bow has the following boosts:

  • Ice (10 Ice Damage)
  • Water (10 Water Damage)
  • Plant (10 Plant Damage)
  • Durability (10 Extra Durability)

Epic Simple Bows

There are only four Epic Simple Bow designs. They are:

The Stonepiercer

Main article: Stonepiercer

The Stonepiercer is a crystal simple bow that gives a Stone boost to all soldiers

The Stonepiercer

. It is considered the simple bow cousin to the Bow of Spades. It gives a 5 Stone Damage boost. It uses a natural stone arrowhead and fletching.


  • Its boosts all have 10 points.